Supreme 505 Levis

September 13, 2011

Levi’s is an American institution and is known worldwide as the benchmark of quality Denim products. For the Fall season Supreme has joined forces with Levi’s for the first time to produce a small capsule collection.

This collection includes a Supreme Edition of the classic Levi’s 505 Zip-Fly Jean, a Chambray Work Shirt, a Trucker Jacket in Leather and Suede, a Denim Down Vest, and a Denim Bell Hat. All products are Made In The U.S.A.

Available in-store and online on September 15th. Available in Japan on September 17th and London on
September 22nd.



It’s about time !!!!!!!

September 9, 2011

Well GREAT SCOTT !!!!!!! I didn’t think it would ever happen in my lifetime or ever but it did!!!!! They dropped the Nike AIr MAG thats insane limited to 1500 hundred pairs. Many proclaimed it to be the “greatest shoe never made.”. Some naysayers even gone as far as calling it “vaporware”. But all the changed this afternoon at the back lot of Universal Studios as Nike CEO Mark Parker and designer Tinker Hatfield unveiled the Nike MAG 2011. Aptly dubbed the Air McFly, or Marty McFly’s shoe, the shoe is an almost exact replica of the original movie prop in the 1989 Back To The Future II. Worn by the film’s hero, time traveler Marty McFly, played by actor Michael J. Fox, the futuristic footwear by Nike featured a auto-lacing system and electrical lighting scheme. While the Nike Air MAG 2011 will not include the auto-lacing feature, it will include the same exact silhouette and the LED glowing panels as the prop. The shoe will also be the very first footwear in Nike’s product line to have electroluminescent technology, with the ability to glow for 5 hours after each charge.

Bid here

Since day one of its design phase, Nike’s been adamant about support the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. So as actor Michael J. Fox stroll onto The Late Show with David Letterman later this
evening, Nike will will unveil an eBay charity site to auction off 1500 pairs of the Nike MAG, or 150 pairs per day for the next 10 days. 100% net profit will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation directly. Furthermore, a matching donation of up to $50 million will be given by search giant Google‘s Co-Founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki, a DNA specialist. The goal, as stated by Mark Parker, is the eradication of Parkinson’s Disease, which afflicts both Michael J. Fox and Brin’s late mother. The charity auction starts tonight at and ends on September 18th. See more renderings of the final product along with an introductory video after the jump.








Adidas Forum ‘Ghostface Killah’ Def Jam 25th Anniversary Pack

July 14, 2009

adidasforumghost1Is this the end of the Wally era? As part of Def Jam’s 25th Anniversary Pack, due out in Fall 2009, adidas will reportedly be doing shoes with Method Man, Redman, Young Jeezy and Ghostface Killah (seen here). “Tony with the goalie mask” gets a Forum, complete with a multi-tone purple upper, white sockliner, gold “G” logo and his face on the tongue. Predictably, Starksy also gets the gumsole. Just don’t wear these in the heavy rain. More flicks after the jump. [Via Kix and the City]

Oh Jesus !!!!!!!

June 12, 2009

He got game one of the best basketball movie of all times!!!!! This was a real story nothing that happens in the suburbs . This kid loses his father to jail, Mother was killed by his father and he manages to take care of his sister beat the odds and gets out of the hood u gotta love it. Jesus becomes the top prospect in the country from Coney Island Brooklyn. You have to love Spike lee for this. From what i was told Spike lee used pieces of two teamates at the time Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury to make them into Jesus Shuttlesworth he was amazing and they had two of the smoothest brothers in there worlds Ray Allen and Denzel Washingtion And it looks like it could be his son lol . In this Movie Nike Marketing was most definately involved you see Foamposite, you see foamposite pros Total max uptempos jordan XIII, Air hawks Flight. They had it all what a basketabll film shoud have and it something that bk embodies the love of the game and the shoe game !!!!!

He stepped on your brand new Air Jordans!!!! Dammmnnn

June 12, 2009


He stepped on my man buggin out brand new pair of air jordan’s !!!them shits where a hundread dollars a hundread and eight with tax and in his larry bird t-shirt jersey doesnt even offer up any type of apology just like a boston fan !!!! This one scene symbolized so much more than a pair of Nikes being ruined. The heat wave set the mood for Bed -stu, the feeling you have when your hot and uncomfortable in the summer makes the audience relate to the characters understanding why everyone had short fuze’s . During the day buggin out had it out with Sal saying “Yo sal how come you aint got no brothers on the wall” the response from sal set the tone of the movie and the day for buggin out mookie and everyone else .At this point and time it also showed how Mike Jordan was coming into reign and the old school boston dynasty had fallen from grace. Spike lee is great at using piece’s of the culture to show how feelings where towards eachother as race played a big part of who you representend (example Jordan vs. Bird)Its was so many interactions between Afro-Amercians and other races and how we took this racism’s so long that on the turn of the decade we where not going to take being walked on as a people it was over for that .There where so many refrences and glimps of Nike marketing through this whole movie just like a bk summer and just how it feels when you scuff a pair of fresh joints the day is ruined and it kind of symbolized how the day was going to turnout maybe if he aplolgized it would have saved Radio Rayheem’s Life who know’s .

A.P.C.: An Interview with Jean Touitou

June 12, 2009

A brand known synonymously with clean, timeless aesthetics in addition to initial forays into the world of raw denim on a streetwear level, French brand A.P.C. and its founder Jean Touitou have had a great impact on the fashion landscape before us. Catching up with the Tunisian-born designer, as he opened his latest flagship store in Hong Kong, you get a great understanding of the outspoken leader of A.P.C., who maintains a set of strong values and opinions. The chance to speak with him incited some strong comments regarding Touitou’s opinions on fashion in America, the reluctance of Japanese brands to expand internationally and his own vested interest in the upbringing of youth through a solid education. With such a strong grasp and involvement in many different disciplines, we’re excited to see what’s on the horizon beyond fashion for both A.P.C. and Jean Touitou.
Interview with Jean Touitou
Having had a few different retail locations across Hong Kong, what does it mean to open a new shop in what is arguably Hong Kong’s premier shopping district, Central?
Hong Kong is a very difficult city because it doesn’t have streets, no streets that really make sense. It’s mostly about going from one building to another air-conditioned building. We cannot have the same experience in Hong Kong as we do in other parts of the world and there definitely isn’t the same street experience. That’s why I think Central has some of those necessary street characteristics, from that point of view.
Will there be more subsequent A.P.C. store openings in Hong Kong?
No, I think that’s it. I think enough is enough. I don’t want to over-develop it. I don’t even like flagship stores, I think there are way too many huge stores in Hong Kong. Life is not only about stores, we should stop making so many stores.
Have there been any particular cities or regions in the world beyond the normal associations such as Tokyo and Paris which have caught your interest on a fashion level?
Yes, probably Northern European cities, Copenhagen.
Scandinavian countries…?
Yes, Scandinavian countries. Even small Scandinavian cities have a strong sense of inventive fashion.
Do you think it comes down to their culture?
Yes, that is a good point. Maybe it comes down to their capacity of accepting and they have a good educational system. From the very beginning they are educated in nice buildings. There is something about harmony that make them look well. There isn’t such a great reliance on brands when it comes to
Do you have any particular favorite Scandinavian designers?
Oh no, I don’t know any, I don’t know if there’s any. I just think they have a good overall aesthetic in Scandinavian culture.
In terms of collaborations, what sort of elements do you look for before engaging in a project, for example, Nike. [Touitou was wearing A.P.C. x Nike All Courts]
You know, I don’t like collaborations, because I think there are way too many of them right now. Frankly I hate them, cause it’s a purely a way for a business man to do business when business is dead. Business is dead so the boss tells the creative director, “find an idea to collaborate on”. Sometimes they do not make sense at all. Those are my thoughts on collaborations. For us, sometimes when we do collaborations with specific companies, we do it cause we specifically don’t have the know-how to make the particular product. We could do a sneaker, but it would be over-priced. If somebody would want to buy a new pair of sneakers every 3 months, it would not be very clever. For July, there will be some items with Supreme. The reason is, I really feel like I share a similar sense of morales and politics with them. I would shop at their Lafayette location even before I knew them. I found they had a really radical way of doing things.
I think they’ve done a really good job of keeping true to their roots…
Yes, we’re going to do a pair of jeans that say “Fuck Em’” on the back patch and they should release in July.
Do you have anything special planned for that release?
No… and that’s what I like about them (Supreme). I said, should we do a party in Tokyo? They said “Uh, not another fashion party with people who just want free drinks”. That’s what I like about them, they’re really frank and true.

Instant Vintage ..

April 16, 2009

Primrose – troy wash


Distressed styling .
Wing tip detailing.
Leather upper.
Leather lining.
Leather sole.

yoox always has a great assortment of goodies. There sales are fantastic when they come around.
now heres a site that I stumbled upon. what a great find it turned out to be because they have great brands for great prices. Now there selection isn’t as diverse as say, but they did have the primrose style 50% off msrp. who knows what else they have to offer!

heres a better look…